2019 NKUHT Admitted Foreign Students of Application I

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2019 NKUHT Admitted Foreign Students of Application I



1.     如欲接受錄取,請於2019330日前將本校外國學生申請入學招生簡章附表9.「報到通知單暨入學意願書」emailintnkuht@live.nkuht.edu.tw.

If you intend to accept your offer of admission, you must complete the Appendix 9 of the Admission Guidelines, “Registration Notice and Admission Acceptance Form” and email it to intnkuht@live.nkuht.edu.tw before March 30, 2019.


2.         請於201997日至本校註冊,本校預計於8月底前另行寄發註冊須知。有關報到註冊、學雜費等相關事宜,聯絡電話為+886-7-8060505分機1220e-mail:kelly@mail.nkuht.edu.tw

Please register in person at the University on September 7th, 2019; the University will send the Notes on Student Registration by the end of August. For any inquiries related to enrollment, registration, tuition and miscellaneous fees, please call +886-7-8060505, ext. 1210 or email to kelly@mail.nkuht.edu.tw.


3.     有關本校收件、繳費及錄取狀況等事宜,請一律至本校招生資訊網(http://exam.nkuht.edu.tw/)查詢。

For matters related to application, payment and admission status, please inquire at the NKUHT Admissions Information webpage (http://exam.nkuht.edu.tw/).


4.     於申請入學資料中,未檢附經過驗證之學歷證件或歷年成績單者,請於簡章規定期限內繳交,否則取消入學資格,不得異議。

For those who are unable to submit their verified documents during the application period, please submit the required documents before deadline, or the admission will be dismissed.


5.     獎學金獲獎學生於受獎期間之學期及操行成績須維持於八十分以上,如未達標準將取消受獎資格,待成績符合標準,則得再申請獎學金。

A scholarship holder, during the effect of the scholarship, should keep both the academic and conduct grade above the standard of 80; the scholarship will be cancelled on the following semester if the scholarship holder fails to achieve the standard, should the future performance meet the above criteria, the scholarship may be reapplied.

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